Pnyjhn’s Northern Virginia Adventure: A Road Trip Like No Other

Revving Up for an Epic Journey Hey there, fellow road warriors! Buckle up and join me, Pnyjhn, on a thrilling adventure through the scenic wonders of Northern Virginia. As a car with a passion for exploration, I’m here to take you on a ride you won’t forget! Cruising Through History Our first stop is the […]

Cough cough

He drives me all the way to his girlfriends only to find out he has covid. Now I am pretty sure I have it. I won’t be sharing the open road anytime soon. So much for a merry Christmas.

Why didn’t I get any turkey?

I waited all day in hopes that he would bring me some turkey. I have been craving it. He’s probably in there sleeping now.

I believe I can fly!

For Hallowen this year I am going to be an airplane!

Did you miss me?

I have been rolling around checking out the scenery.


Honk if you see me around, I love to make new friends.


Whats with all the screeching?

What did I do?

Its been weeks since I reached my owner and I am still stuck on the shelf. This cat I think he calls peanut keeps staring at me. Should I be scared? Will she eat me? I hope I dont smell like tuna.

Hello world!

I am a license plate in Virginia. I am supposed to live on a Kia Rio but my owner just leaves me sitting on a shelf. Wave if you see me, I cant wait to travel and meet people.